At Ruby Red Financial Planning Ltd. , we enjoy working with small business owners – it is an area where we know we can add great value. Success of both the owner and the business are so closely interlinked. Our aim is to optimise both through careful financial planning and protecting the assets you are working so hard to build.

  • Is the business properly protected against unforeseen circumstances?
    • What key people within the business should be protected?
    • Are the profits protected?
    • Is the ownership of the business protected?
    • What about any company loans?
  • What does your retirement look like post sale?
  • Is selling the best option?  If so, when?
  • What is my exit strategy?
  • Preparation for a sale of a business
    • How much do I NEED to sell my business for to fulfil my Financial Masterplan?
    • What should I do with the proceeds?
  • Is your business holding too much cash, do you need to consider a corporate investment?

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